Natural Language

Algorithms Deducing The Human Language
For Business Growth

The Adagrad Role

Linking Computers To Humans'
Art Of Language

We help organizations by making their processes and products smart with Natural Language Processing. Our support enables businesses to use massive quantities of unstructured data to process, analyze and make critical decisions through text, conversational, search and voice analytics. With NLP, implement business growth through automated customer support and sales operations, product support costs reduction, and simplified communications with clients across the globe.

Our Expertise

Breaking Language Barriers With Tech Stack

Leveraging different frameworks and software libraries, we incorporate technologies that boost the agility and applicability of Natural Language Processing Algorithms.


Fasten Production Cycle With Pre-Built Innovative Industry Solutions

With rich functionality and simple integration, Conversational AI can be used for business applications, from customer support and sales to virtual assistance and business intelligence through :

  • FAQ Chatbots
  • Voice Querying

Extracting key information out of legal documents is an easy task with NLP based Intelligent document analysis.

A powerful business intelligence tool that makes document parsing and extracting relevant information from documents efficient and very fast.

Extracting table data from documents is a piece of cake with our NLP solutions. Simply Parse, Detect, and Extract custom tables out of documents at an astonishing speed.

Simplify Invoice Management and Analytics. Detect and extract dates, company names, and more data from unstructured purchase orders and invoices, making invoicing intelligent.

Featured Use Cases

NLP Into Business Profits

Make Systems Understand Your Language