Let's talk about solutions harnessing the power of AI


Machine Learning

From using traditional statistics to modern ensembles, we have used statistical learning to solve problems across industries. Our solutions are not just optimized to yield a high F1 score, but to instead generalize well on real-world data.

Natural Language Processing

Unlock meaning and deep insights from your complex, unstructured linguistic data. We can help you gain a competitive edge by analyzing your customers, monitoring competitors, identifying risks, and augmenting your knowledge with external data.

Reinforcement Learning

Our solutions interact, adapt, and improve, with the environment through millions of simulations. With a focus on both short-term and long-term rewards, we have delivered end-to-end solutions using Reinforcement learning in finance and retail industries.

Computer Vision

Our machine vision solutions using deep learning allow identification, segmentation, and tracking of objects. Our solutions, like ParsifAI have optimized workflows and decreased processing time by over 5 times.

How we can help you

No matter what stage your business is at, we will help you leverage the power of AI.

Recognition :

Our experts analyse your business and data and develop new ways of incorporating AI into your business pipeline.

Mixed Intelligence :

Combine our AI with human intelligence and speed up repetitive tasks. Our solutions like Annotext have boosted productivity and reduced the working time by over 80%.

Tailored Solutions :

We build solutions tailored to your needs that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow.


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Who We Are

At Adagrad, we are all deep learning natives. Our current team is made up of Data Scientists, UI/UX Engineers, Full Stack Developers, and Interns. We are coming from world-class universities like Oxford, Stanford, Cornell, and IIT Bombay. After spending some time at organizations like Microsoft Research & Dev, NVIDIA, Twitter, and Amazon, we decided to get together and help businesses accelerate the adoption of Machine Learning.

The name "adagrad" comes from a mathematical optimizer that fundamentally changed the field of deep learning by introducing adaptive gradients, in the same way how we intend to change how businesses function through the use of AI.

We love to work on unconventional problems that require out of box thinking. Coming from backgrounds like Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Sciences, we've applied AI in novel ways in various industries.

We Are From

With experience from the world's best organizations and universities, we are a team of 10 working on designing novel solutions with Artificial Intelligence.