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We're known for solving business challenges through Computer Vision technologies, harnessing the power of AI built on highly efficient algorithms with significantly optimized time and space complexity. Whether a particular business challenge is about identifying objects with pinpoint accuracy, state-of-the-art image segmentation to understand different parts of the image, or recognizing and classifying data coming out of pictures, videos, real-time streams from CCTV cameras, and more, we're  your one-stop solution for Computer Vision Solutions.

The Adagrad Role

The Factual World Of Computer
Vision Intelligence

Our team helps organizations realize their hidden potential with ROI-driven computer vision solutions. We deploy large-scale solutions across industries using our deep expertise in providing tailor-made hardware and software solutions to leverage Computer Vision for automating Object Detection, Tracking & Classification.

Our Expertise

Computer Vision Capability Through Tech-Stack Expertise

With different toolkits, frameworks, and software libraries, we develop scalable Computer Vision solution that fits the business requirement while keeping in line with efficiency, cost, and profitability.


Rich Information Applied To Business Use Cases

Real-time object detection and tracking for various business use-cases. These include monitoring and analyzing the movement of humans or other use-case-specific objects.

  • Object Detection
  • Object Tracking
  • Face Detection

Smart city implementation through traffic and vehicle analysis to reduce city congestion, traffic and parking problems:

  • Vehicle Detection and Tracking
  • Make/Model/Type Prediction
  • License Plate Recognition.

Implementing image segmentation to separate image elements and simplify the image to more efficiently analyze it. These include two types of segmentations:

  • Semantic Segmentation: Labelling each pixel to belong to the particular class or not
  • Instance Segmentation: Separating out each instance of the class

Advanced Computer Vision integrated with machine vision hardware provides better Person Re-identification and Image recommendation.

Featured Use Cases

Rich Information Applied To Business Use Cases

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