Business Use case:

Using LiDARs, the client helps gather and survey data using sensors mounted on drones,
aircraft, vehicles, and UAVs. The primary customer of the client includes infrastructure, oil
and gas, and construction companies. One of the example use cases solved is detecting if
vegetation is growing near electric poles that may disrupt the electric lines causing
outages. This helps the infrastructure company save a large amount of labor cost in
deploying personnelto visit on-site and audit electric lines that may span across hundreds
of kilometers.


LiDAR and Drones Manufacturing firm with 200+ employees in Texas.

Use cases solves

Point Cloud Segmentation: Gather point clouds using LIDAR and classify them into
multiple classes like buildings, cars, vegetation, electric poles, and 17 other classes.

Technologies Used

TensorRT, CUDA-X, PyTorch, Python, C/ C++, Kafka, Django, Flask.