Business Use case

This solution helps auditing companies expedite their process to perform duediligence on companies on a large scale. It scrapes a large number of litigationcases from several opensource and closed-source databases and provides criticalinsights and litigation information without the need for human intervention.


InsurTech company on Wall Street.

Deployed in production

Use cases solves

  1. Document Classification: Classify whether the said entity has won or lostlitigation.
  2. Entity Extraction: Extract the defendant, plaintiff, linkage of the entitiesinvolved.
  3. Linkage Extraction: Identify and extract other litigations where the said entity isinvolved.
  4. Summarize: Using heuristics, and machine learning assign an overall score tothe entityindicating the level of threat involved.

Technologies Used

Python, C/C++, Django, OpenCV, Scikit-learn, Tesseract.