Business Use case

Infrastructure companies employ a large amount of labor force to develop andcommission
electric poles. Electric towers and the surrounding premises haveextremely high voltages
and pose occupational hazards to the personnel workingon them. As a result, they are
required to wear the personal protective kit at alltimes. But due to the large number of
workersemployed in the area, there is scope for non-compliance to these security
measures and the workers end up seriously injuring themselves, and at times even
resulting in death. The infrastructure company would then receive the insuranceclaim
from the workers causing a loss in revenue and manpower. All this could beavoided by
using automation and smart surveillance through CCTV cameras


Proof of Concept for a Infrastructure and Engineering Services company in India with
7500+ employees

Use cases solves

  1. Person Detection: Detect persons on the electricity pole.
  2. PPE Kit Detection: Detect items involved in PPE Kit like a hard hat, jacket,shoes, andmore.
  3. Depth Estimation: Estimate the distance between the person and high voltagewires.

Technologies Used

TensorRT, CUDA-X, PyTorch, Python, C/ C++, Kafka, Django, Flask.