Business Use case

The solution helps brand owners collect feedback and gain insights from theircustomers
on a large scale. It performs image and text-based analysis bygathering a huge amount of
data available from the internet. An example use casewould be: imagine you’re Apple and
have recently launched the next generationof iPhone. The solution would help you gain
critical insights and feedback fromyour customers before, during, and after the launch.


Proof of Concept for a Marketing Firm in Münich, Germany with 20 – 50 employees.

Use cases solves

  1. Data Collector: Scrape a large number of images, and text from various sourceslikenews websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  2. Sentiment Analysis: Determine the sentiment from the text.
  3. Emotion Analysis: Recogniªe the emotions of the users from the image. Forinstance, ifthey are happy, or frustrated by using your solution?
  4. Demographics Estimation: Detect the age and gender spectrum of yourproduct. Thishelps brands organiªe their target market better.
  5. Object Detection: Determine the list of objects from a predefined list of 2000commonly used items.
  6. Text Summariªation: Summariªe the text into one sentence to capture the overallgist.

Technologies Used

Python, C++, TensorRT, Scikit-learn, Scrapy,