Deriving Rewards For Businesses With Pragmatic AI

The Adagrad Role

Revealing The Power Of Self
Learning Algorithms

Through robust algorithm development, we empower clients with reinforcement learning capabilities. We train AI models faster, programming them to accurately react to multiple scenarios in real-time, and take various kinds of information into account for decision making.


Hedging strategies can be defined accurately by detecting spikes and anomalies in equity, and commodity markets. Our reinforcement learning models helps in  Anomaly Detection in Time-series data and proves to be a feasible reinforcement learning solution for trading.

Meta learning

Our Reinforcement Learning based strategies  have derived optimum model for a business use case that includes:

  • Finding the most suitable image augmentation technique for image classification
  • Detecting best prior anchor boxes for object detection

Our Expertise

Reinforcement Modeling Capability Through Tech-Stack Expertise

We train our RL models simulating random actions, rewarding desired behaviours, and punishing undesired ones, using tech stack that is quick, reliable, and relevant.

Our Research

Foundation Facilitating Business Use Cases

Dive into the knowledge pool of Reinforcement Learning authored through our expertise and pragmatic experiences.

Reinforcement Learning Reinforced