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Making Power Of AI The Foundation Of Transformation

About Us

Creators of Scalable AI stories

Adagrad AI came into the world in 2018 and from the very moment it's on the mission to change the world using the potential of AI.
It started with a small team of college-going developers and now is a full fledged company whose algorithms run on thousands of cameras across the world empowering organizations to do more harnessing the true capacity of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Approach

We engage in a research focused approach driven by strong partnerships with industry leaders.

Our Vision

To empower organizations with accelerated insights using Computer Vision and Pragmatic AI.

The 3-D Pillars of Our Core Values

Deductive Problem Solving

We have a distinguished approach towards solving business problems and  love to work on unconventional problems that require out-of-the-box thinking using technology. We harness the true potential of AI through the algorithms developed by our AI experts.

Discovering The People Potential

The foundation of the scalability we commit, comes through the team we have. At Adagrad AI, the growth of the company is directly proportional to the growth of our people and hence we help them discover their true potential and empower them with the opportunities to push their boundaries and achieve whatever they want.

Deriving Customer Success Through Transformation

Our approach is research driven and focused on ultimate customer success through AI. We believe in making the world a better place using AI and its unmatched capacity to bring transformation. With our extensive and wide experience in fields of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Sciences, we've applied AI across various industry applications and delivered the customer success.

Our Founding Members

The Leadership Of The Next Era

Niranjan Patil
Managing Director
Mayur Kulkarni
Chief Executive Officer

The Adagrad AI Ecosystem

Services Tailored For Industry Specific Applications

Natural Language Processing

Utilize NLP for analytics-driven growth opportunities by deducing meaningful insights from data.

Natural Language Processing

Utilize NLP for analytics-driven growth opportunities by deducing meaning full insights from data.

Computer Vision

Tailor-Made Machine Vision Solutions, Spanning Across Software and Hardware Implementation

Reinforcement Learning

The power of AI-deriving intelligent robotics solutions for various business needs to complex AI based game development.

Financial Services
Software ISVs
Consulting Firms

Let's Build The Future Together With AI!